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Cash, check, HSA and Flex card, and all major credit card payments accepted. A processing fee of 3.25% will be added for credit card payments. Please ask for medical receipts to submit for insurance reimbursement if applicable. 

In order to maintain rigorous safety standards and provide the highest quality products, we are unable to accept returns or give refunds on any herbal products and supplements after they leave the clinic. 


Please call to reschedule at least 24 hours before your appointment time to avoid 

cancellation fees. If you have any questions regarding treatment, clinic policies or pricing, please contact our appointment line and request a reply from our management or Healing Team.

(989) 720-HEAL 

Acupuncture Therapies

Medical Eval & Treatment 65-150 Auricular Acupuncture 65 Dry Needling / OrthoAcu 65 Cosmetic Acupuncture 150 Laser Acupuncture 35 per unit AcuTac | AcuSeed 45 | 35 Immune AcuBooster 25 AcuCare Clinic 35-65

Manual Therapy

Cupping | Guasha Therapy 65 Moxibustion Heat Therapy 65 Mineral Heat Therapy 65 Tuina | Acupressure 15 minutes 35 30 minutes 50 60 minutes 75

Natural Medicine

Herbal Medicine & Nutritional Therapy Initial consult 150 15 min 35 30 min 65 45 min 85


Initial Evaluation 110 Therapeutic Exercise 35 | 45 NeuroMuscle Reset 45 KineseoTape 25

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