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Healing Stories


"I can move my neck again without pain. Acupuncture worked right away and has been a life saver. It's given me long term relief. Thank God for Korina and her healing hands."

Joann F,  Okemos MI


"After years of trying to get pregnant, I finally am! My husband and I are excited to start our family. So grateful for the vast knowledge and support we've gotten at Healthy Happy Whole. I feel great physically and mentally thanks to acupuncture and herbal formulas."

Tracey P,  Grand Blanc MI


"I always had really painful cramps and heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycle until I had acupuncture. It's been over three months and everything has gotten so much better (no cramps, no headaches, and no pain at all). I don't like needles and was nervous about getting acupuncture, but it wasn't that bad at all. I actually feel more relaxed and have more energy after my appointments. I'm so happy!!! (And, so is my husband. He's noticed I'm a lot less moody during my periods.)"

Monica L,  Chicago IL


I received two treatments to help with the pain in my left shoulder that started two winters ago. I noticed reduction in pain immediately, and was able to sleep much better after the first treatment (when during previous nights the shoulder pain would wake me up). My symptoms improved immediately, then steadily improved until the pain completely abated. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has greatly improved the quality of my life; it’s helped heal my shoulder and I feel much more balanced overall. I look forward to every treatment and come out refreshed and renewed.” 

Lucas B,  Denver CO


“I broke my right foot on April 30, 2009. I noticed immediate and cumulative benefits after my treatments (even when my foot was still in a cast). Before this, I had received treatments to help relieve my knee pain. I knew acupuncture helped with pain management, but I was surprised to find out how much it helped in total healing. I felt less pain, had fewer muscle cramps, and increased the flexibility in my ankle and foot. Korina is a terrific practitioner. She has a warm, caring attitude and obviously loves her field. She explains what, how and why of the practice. You feel the treatment both physically and emotionally. She’s excellent!” 

Carol S,  Chicago IL


“I notice immediate benefits in my anxiety symptoms and jaw pain after receiving treatments with Korina. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has added support in my life, both physically and emotionally. I was able to get off anti-depressants without remission. That’s huge!” .

Amie M,  Rochester Hills MI

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